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Today's post is going to be all about the beauty books that I know and would recommend to anyone; those who know and love makeup and those who are trying to understand and experiment with it. I have had some of these books since I was about 11 years old and I used to love just flicking through the different pictures of all the makeovers! If you don't really know a lot about makeup this can actually really help as it enables you to find what styles you like and don't like. I haven't actually read some of these in so long but looking at them today I had forgotten how helpful they are and am going to be using them a lot more in the future! 

Made, Millie Mackintosh

This book is like a beauty and life style bible. It is split up into four main sections: style, beauty, food and fitness with all of the sections having lots of information and really great pictures (a very important factor in any beauty book!). My favourite sections are the food and fitness, as the foods look so delicious and the fitness section being really helpful! Sadly, I haven't been able to try any of the recipes yet but really want to make the spice-crusted chicken with sweet potato and tomato salad! The fitness section has step by step pictures on how to do the different exercises plus why each exercise is beneficial.
Another thing that I like about this book is that there is lots of extra information in each of the different areas which are really helpful. Like when to eat when you are doing exercise and why, how to put together an outfit and so much more. I just feel the this is a necessity for anyone into fitness and beauty! 

Pretty Honest, Sali Hughes

 I haven't actually read anything in this book but my mum really recommends it as she has been watching and reading Sali Hughes's blog for such a long time. However, I have just had a quite flick through and now I really want to read it! Just the titles alone makes me want to read them ('Public displays of grooming' sounds particularly interesting!). I feel like this is a book that you could pick up and not put down for hours, reading it page by page and completely forgetting about the time. There is so much information in here that I doubt there would be one person who wouldn't find something in here useful- I think I'll be having a read of the Teen beauty section later. Sali Hughes is an amazing beauty journalist and if anyone hasn't heard of her you should definitely check her out!

Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty

I have just looked on the inside cover of this book and saw it has an inscription from my mum for my 12th birthday! I remember when I first got this I would read thorough the same sections again and again but I still didn't really know where to start! At the time I wasn't really into makeup but really wanted to be! 
This book is great as it has to much information about all the different aspects of being a teenager- having braces; your sweet sixteen; the dreaded spots plus so much more. It is also really easy to read and find what you are looking for, that I think this would be great for any teenager. The makeup is slightly dated now as the book was publish in 2000 but I still think it has the basic principles of makeup down and will still be great for any teenager.

Beauty Rules, Bobbi Brown

In this book, it was the makeovers that I loved looking at! Seeing how makeup can take an already beautiful person and accentuate their natural beauty- this is what I believe makeup does any how. I think this book just has everything that could possible be related to beauty in it. Hair, lips, cheeks, beginners, style and so many other things. It also has a lot on being who you are and who you want to be which I think is so important. A lot of people believe that people wear makeup to hide who they are and ,although this may be true for some cases, I do not believe that the majority of people who wear makeup, wear it for this reason. I think that makeup is a way for a person to express themselves; make themselves feel good and there is nothing wrong with this! Be yourself because that's the only person you can ever truly be.

Be Beautiful, Alice Hart-Davis & Molly Hindhaugh

I think that this was the first makeup book I ever got and I read it so many times I am surprised and how good the condition is! This is the book I would recommend to those who are quite young but what to try out makeup and struggle with exactly wear to start, as it is so user friendly and breaks down a lot of information about young skin and how to look after it. Plus, all the tips are useful and easy to follow, there is nothing that will overwhelm anyone or confuse you! This book is written by a health and beauty journalist and her daughter. They first came up with the idea for this book when her daughter started to ask every beauty question under the sun and felt that it would be great to write everything down and it eventually developed into a book!

So these are my top beauty books that I thought I would share with you and I hope you found it helpful! Please comment below any books that you like or if you have ever read any of these books and what you thought!

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  1. I love the way you're writing! :D I loved this post! I'm kinda obsessed with books!
    I am a new blogger from Greece! If you want check out my blog too :D

    1. Thank ou so much! That is so nice of you! I'll have a look now, I'm pretty new too!

  2. The Sali Hughes book is fantastic - I really need to check out some of Bobbi Brown's :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I can't wait to read it! And the Bobbi Brown books are so great just to have a look at!

  3. What a great book roundup! I would really love to read "Made", it sounds like a great lifestyle guide! And Bobbi Brown is a rockstar - she is so beyond talented and inspiring!
    Happy Monday!

    1. Thank you so much! And she really is a great makeup artist! Happy Monday to you too!!

  4. Thanks for this lovely book roundup! I really want to read Pretty Honest!

    1. Hahaha your welcome! Im really glad you enjoyed it!


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