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I had originally planned to take these photos in the lovely sunshine, out in the garden, surrounded by beautiful flowers, however, as per, nature and I had different ideas - and I have just heard that we are expecting a week 's worth of rain in two hours... lovely! 
So here it is! A summer reading list to help us get through this lovely, cloudy day. I mentioned in a previous post (which you can r
ead here) that I had really missed reading ,with exams taking over what seems like everything, and I can't wait for the summer to get back into it and read everything that I planned to read these last few months.

This first book is absolutely stunning! It is illustrated by Aldo Galli and they are beautiful, fitting with the storyline perfectly. I have started this book but only got through the first few chapters and the introduction, written by the author Richard Adams, which I really loved reading as the story behind how he came up with the idea of the book is so interesting and really lovely. If any of you have read this book and skipped the intro, I would definitely say go back and read it again (although I am not sure if all the books will have the same introduction?). 

Jane Eyre is a classic, one I am sure everyone has heard of and either seen the film or read the book, maybe both! However I have avoided seeing the film as I really want to read the books first. I have only read two complete books from this era and, although it took a while to get used to the language, I can read them easily however I still want to see whether or not I can fully understand the novel before watching the film. I know the basic storyline but can't wait to get fully involved with all the characters!

I have admired this book since I first saw it because of its beautifully weird illustrations on the cover and inside. As is says in the description, there are 'no dippy princesses or soppy fairies' in this book. The fairy tales here sound much more like the original tales by the Grimm Brothers than the ones fabricated by Disney. I can't wait to explore these stories by Angela Cater, who is meant to be an amazing writer and I am yet to read any of her work so this book should be a really great read! I also think it will be great for the summer as I can pick it up whenever I feel like a good short read as I think that each of the stories are completely separate form one another. 

Now the final book is one I really want to read. I love Jane Austen and think Emma is one of my favourite books. The storyline sounds lovely and I think it will be another lovely read for the summer. It doesn't hurt that this cover is absolutely beautiful!

So there it is! I would also like to read a slightly more relaxed, girly book but don't know which one to read so if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them! And what will you be reading this summer?

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  1. Those classic books are so pretty! I love that Book of Fairy Tales :D

    1. I know! They would make perfect gifts for someone!


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