A Week In Outfits: Dubrovnik

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So when I first decided to do this post, I had big ideas that I would get amazing shots of all my outfits in the beautiful streets of the Old Town in Dubrovnik and it would be such an amazing post. However, it didn't quite turn out like that... I would go down in my nice outfit and completely freeze and feel way too self-conscious to stand and pose to get my photo taken whilst all these people walked past. I was really annoyed with myself as I really wanted to do this post but I finally decided that I would. It isn;t quite how I imagined as they are taken on the balcony of where we stayed. However, I am actually really pleased with how they turned out and by the end, I was haveing much more fun taking the photos so I hope you like this post! 

I bought this first dress from Forever 21 for my 16th birthday party and I really love this dress. It was perfect for here as it is very loose which is exactly what you need in Croatia at this time of year as it is so hot there! It was about 30-31°C every day which is hot! I got my sunglasses from Top Shope and really love the gold detailing at the top of the frames, accentuating that cat eye look. Whenever I wear them I definitely feel much more glamorous I have to admit! 

 I got this jumpsuit last year in Miss Selfridge. It is a bit different to what I usually wear but I really love the open legs that make this outfit look quite effortless and elegant. I also really love the pattern - I feel like it shouldn't work but somehow it does and looks quite young and stylish.

Now I love this skirt so much! I got this entire outfit from Romwe.com which had a huge sale and this outfit cost just over £10. You will all know by now that I love a good sale and can't resist, especially if it involves a skirt this beautiful! When I wear it, it feels so beautiful and you can feel it move which is just fab! That's all I can say to describe it!

This is another dress which I recently got from forever 21 and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it! I love the bell sleeves that aren't too over dramatic but still look lovely and floaty. It is a little low cut so I have to be careful when wearing it but it doesn't look very revealing but looks great at night when going out fir dinner. I also love the colour; again it isn't something I would normally wear ( I am definitely a more monochrome girl) but I am actually loving being in more colourful clothes and taking a step out of my comfort zone.

This fifth and final outfit is another one I got last year and I was one of those dresses you immediately see and want. I literally walked into the shop and then went straight for this dress. I think it was the colours and the shape that I really loved. I actually forgot about this dress and when I found it again this summer it was like welcoming an old friend! Cheesy I know but what can I say?

And that is it! Those are the outfits that I wore in Dubrovnik in the baking heat and still managed to survive! Make sure you come back for Wednesday's post which will me a photo diary with my favourite photos from Dubrovnik - sadly it couldn't be every photo as there was about 300... So what is your favourite outfits to take on holiday?

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  1. I love all of these outfits, especially the one you got from Romwe!! You look great. x Fanni

    1. Aw thank you so much! I love that outfit too!

  2. I love the pink skirt and that jumpsuit looks fab on you, like all the other outfits do! Great photos too x

  3. Ahh! You are very cute and your outfits are on point! I really like the photos too, and I like how you posed. it gives off fun and happy vibes.
    wishing you all the best,

  4. Love all these outfits, you look pretty in all of them xx

    Sophie | Sophie's Spot


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