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It is finally December which means we can now mention Christmas without an echo of people telling us that that word is banned until 1st of December. I thought I would start December off with a gift guide of the perfect book to give your loved ones this Christmas. Books have to be one of my favourite gifts, to receive and to give, especially at Christmas as this is the time when you can spend more on a beautiful edition that would otherwise be too much any other time of the year. I will admit that I am a bit particular about my books and how they look on my shelf. If I have some books in a certain edition I like the others to match and I love to display my favourite covers on the top shelf. Does anyone else do this or is this just me? But the point I'm trying to make is that you can't beat a beautiful book as a gift. 

Beautiful Books from your Childhood

If you know your giftee well, this is such a lovely and personal gift to give. I have a few books here that I think are absolutely beautiful and love. Not so much because they were books of my childhood (except We're Going On A Bear Hunt) but many people will have. I saw this book of Watership Down when my mum and I were shopping and I fell in love with it, however, the price was a bit too high to spend on myself, little did I know my beautiful mum went back a bought it for me for that Christmas. The cover itself is worth the price tag but it also has beautiful illustrations within the book are beautiful. Alice in Wonderland is a well-loved book by many with many people who collecting multiple editions all equally beautiful however this one will always have a special place in my heart as this was gifted to me by my great-gran who wrote an inscription on the front cover. The illustrations are beautiful and are done by the same person who illustrated We're Going On A Bear Hunt which, was my favourite book as a child.

Some other books I don't have with me to photograph as they have been passed on to younger family members, are the Brambley Hedge books which have to have some of my favourite illustrations. They are so detailed and beautiful that you can look at them time and time again and still find small details you have never noticed before. The story lines are just as lovely as the illustrations and are perfect for anyone, no matter how old they are!

Stunning Editions for the Lover of Classics

If you haven't heard of or seen the Penguin English Library classics, where have you been? Every edition of these books are as beautiful as the next with each cover relating to the story within. The spines are absolutely beautiful and they have to be my favourite part of my bookshelf. It is probably not the reason to start reading classics, but I have to admit, I did start buying them and reading them as I wanted to have those beautiful spines on my shelf. I now absolutely love classics and am currently reading Jane Eyre and Frankenstein for my English coursework at school and am loving both books. If you know that your friend loves a good classic or has a few of these books definitely think about getting another to expand their collection. Penguin also have some of these classics in hardcover which would be perfect if you know your giftee's favourite classic and really want to get something extra special.

Beauty Books for Every Beauty Lover

I wrote a post a few months back about some my beauty books, all of which I would still recommend however I have since expanded my collection so I want to recommend some more books which would be perfect for those beauty lovers we all know. The first book I want to talk about is Bloom by Estee Lalonde which is an incredible book. The writing is beautiful, the photos are beautiful, and everything she writes about is so personal and relatable: anyone would be happy to receive this as a gift for Christmas. I have only had the chance to read the first few chapters but I can't wait to read more about the chapters beauty, travel, fashion, home...pretty much every other chapter!

I am guessing that if you read my blog, you have a love for beauty and fashion so will more than likely heard amazing things about Sali Hughes's new book, Pretty Iconic and I am not about to start going against that now. This is actually my mum's book (however since writing this post I now have my own copy but will show you that in another post!) as she loves Sali Hughes and reads her blogs all the time. I haven't had the chance to read any of it yet but even just flicking through the pages, you can tell that it is will be a good book. Every single page has so much detail about the products Sali believes to be iconic with stunning pictures to match. 

Magazine Subscriptions

Whilst I love getting stuck into a good book and becoming involved in different characters and their stories, it is nice just to read a short article about something you would never have even thought to read about before hand. Over the past few months I have really loved reading from different magazines as, especially if you have had a tiring day at school and really don't have the energy to pick up a book, a short article can be a really nice break. I also like how you can pick and chose what bits of the magazine you can read, depending on your mood and what you are interested in. A few magazines that I have enjoyed reading are the Blogosphere Magazine and Suitcase. Both are equally as beautiful as the other, put together with stunning photos and beautiful stories to match.

If you have a friend who is a blogger, loves blogs or just loves anything from fashion to food, the Blogosphere magazine would be perfect. I love how they have so many different sections for so many different types of blogs. It is not just about the top beauty and fashion bloggers but also travel, arts and crafts, photography, and so many others. The cover interview was so detailed and after reading about how In the Frow came to be so successful, I felt inspired to start blogging more and to get my act together with my goals and aspirations.

Suitcase is another beautiful magazine. Previously I talked about my goal to travel in the future and so this is the perfect subscription for me and anyone else who has dreams of travelling or loves travelling already. Again, the photography is beautiful and the stories behind the places are lovely. the only downside I have about this magazine is that it comes out every four months which just is not enough! 

And so there you have it! My guide to the perfect gift to give those books lovers this Christmas! I hope you guys liked this post and let me know what books you would have on your wish list this Christmas!

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  1. I have heard so many good things about Estee's book, I might get it for my friends for christmas xx

    1. It is so good and what be a great gift for anyone! Your friends are very lucky!

  2. I have recently started getting back into ready so may even have to treat myself to a few items on the list as well as picking some up for others!
    Hollie xx

  3. I definitely needed some new books! Thank you for this x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

    1. You are welcome! Thank you so much for reading!


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