Christmas in London

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Christmas has to be one of my favourite times of the year. I love decorating the tree, watching Christmas movies and finding the perfect presents. This year, I really wanted to go to a Christmas market as when I lived in Scotland we used to go to the Edinburgh Christmas market which is fab. It completely gets you into that Christmas mood with all the food and craft stalls filled with little Christmas treasures. I was hoping the market in Southbank would be similar to this, however it sadly did not live up to my expectations.

There were a few stalls along the river, one holding these beautiful candle holders which were beautiful, however the others didn't feel like they had any relation to Christmas. When we went into the main part, there was a huge bar area with about 10 different food stalls - that's it. I think it would be a great place to go if you were with friends, where you could have a drink, eat some food and have a get-together but that wasn't really what we were looking for. I just wanted to wander around some stalls, possibly pick up some nice bits for Christmas presents or some decorations but that sadly wasn't what this place was about. 

So with mingling disappointment, we decided to make the most of the trip to London by walking along the river and up to Covent Garden. It is so lovely at christmas, last year the decorations changed to the theme of mistletoe and it is absolutely gorgeous. Now, walking though there will make you Christmassy! If you are ever in London at Christmas, you have to take a trip here with everyone bumping into each other but no one minds as they're just enjoying buying presents and being there at Christmas.

And, of course, the beauty shops are even more stunning at Christmas so I couldn't resist taking a few quick photos. It is something about all the lights that make them seem so much more alluring than their normal glamorous selves.   

And finally to finish the evening off, I couldn't leave Covert Garden without taking a trip to Ben's Cookies, which has to make the best cookies I have ever had. They have delicious melted chocolate (unless you get one of their other flavours but I do like the classic best) in the centre and are so scrumptious I can hardly describe it.

That was our not so successful but ended up being quite successful in the end Christmas day out in London! How are you celebrating Christmas 2016?

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