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I mentioned in last week’s post that I would be talking more about this beautiful book Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes in another post which is what I have here today (if you haven’t guessed already?). This is because my mum and I met Sali Hughes at a book signing where we live. I couldn’t believe that she was coming here as I never seem to get that luck and it was such a fluke that we managed to go. My mum saw that Sali (I feel awkward calling her Sali as if I know her but it also sounds weird to keep saying her full name so this will have to do!) posted on her Instagram that she would be in Chelmsford for a book signing that evening, I obviously then got a very excited text message quickly followed by a slightly less excited message as the Foyles website said that all the tickets were sold out. However, the beauty gods were on our side as my mum thought she might as well pop into Foyles and see if they could squeeze two extras in and, luckily, they could!

So, we headed down to Foyles that evening, my mum with both her books, to see Sali Hughes! I have to say she was amazing. She first told us about how she became the writer of two amazing books as well as a successful journalist. While I won’t try to retell her story in too much detail as I know I will get all the details wrong but the general story was that she became a makeup artist by luck for a few years whilst she was too young to become a journalist. As soon as she could get work in a paper she started working as a journalist but it wasn’t until a few years later when she was writing at the Guardian, her boss found out that she thought the beauty section was terrible and she could do a better job. She was given the weekend to write six articles and she got the job! She still writes amazing articles that every beauty lover should be reading over on the Guardian as well as her blog which has every tip and trick you could ever need!

I’ll admit, I didn’t know too much about her book before seeing her having only read her blog but after hearing her thoughts on it and how the book came to be, I couldn’t wait to come home and read why she thought each of the products were ‘iconic’. If you are like me, the book is a compilation of all the products, past, present and upcoming, that Sali thinks deserve the title of ‘iconic’ with each one having a few words on why she believes this to be true. I especially love how personal she is with some of the anecdotes she tells; she read an extract on Old Spice and it was lovely. This is the perfect book that you can pick up whenever you feel like a bit of a pick me up; you’ve had a bad day and just need to read something beautifully written which is about beauty.

Last but not least, Sali did some signing! I didn’t have my own book but they were selling it for half price so I couldn;t resist getting one as part of my Christmas present. She spent time talking to everyone, writing a personal note in everyone’s book. She gave my mum some advice on how to use corrector (which I now really want to try out!) so wrote in her book “So lovely to meet you. Embrace the corrector!”. I’ll admit that it took me while to get my quote but, once I understood it, it was so lovely (I believe it is because we both spell our name with an ‘i’).

And there we have one very good evening meeting one of the best beauty writers and I left feeling very inspired! Have you ever been to a book signing? What did you think?

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  1. It sounds like you had a lovely tie and she sounds so nice! I've never actually been to a book signing before but it sounds like you had a great experience! x


    1. It was so good and if you ever get a chance to go to one you should really go!


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