Red Queen Series by Victoria Aveyard

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Before half term stated, I managed to finish the two books I had to read for my English Lit course, both were very dense books and took a lot of time and concentration, so I immediately felt the need read something that was a light, easy to read but I would really enjoy. I started searching for a good YA book and came across Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I was immediately drawn in by the plot as it is described as a dystopian/fantasy novel; I love to reading dystopian books and really want to try some fantasy books as so many people rave about them. It is such a popular genre with so many books that sound really interesting and are loved by many people. 

Averyard has created a world where people are separated by their blood. Silver's have silver blood that gives them abilities, some can manipulate metal, others fire and so on. Red's have red blood (surprising I know) and are like your typical human - they have no magical powers so have therefore fallen inferior to the Silvers, who now rule the kingdom. Our main protagonist is Mare, a red girl who has to steal to survive but somehow she ends up getting mixed in with the Silver royalty. I don't want to give too much away but she is forced to attempt to fit into this world and lie to try and protect herself and her family.
There is a bit of romance brewing between Mare and the two Silver Princes but it doesn't overpower the entire plot, just enough to get you favouring one or the other (if you have read it, comment who your favourite was!). There is a huge plot twist in the end and even though I did guess that something similar would happen, I have since read quite a few reviews and a lot of were completely taken aback by it and had no idea! But even if you do see it coming, it doesn't detract from the plot and I still wanted to keep turning the pages to see what happened next.

What I love about this series is that the books start exactly where the previous one finished so they are so easy to follow, making it feel like you are just reading one long book. The series are filled with betrayal, action, romance and magic - what else could you wish for? The character development in these books are so good and you can really see how they have changed over time throughout all three books, some for worse I have to admit but you catch yourself hoping that they will somehow be saved and all will be good.

My ONLY issue with this series is the sudden change in book size! I am not a tidy person at all but my books are something that I like to have in order. For example, if a book series has more than one covers, I have to have them all matching, or they all have to be in paperback, or all hardback, otherwise it is just not right! And for me, this is along the same line. I kind of get that you don't want to have a huge book that is completely disproportional to the others in the series (as this is definitely a bigger book!) but for me, I would much rather this than to have them at different heights. I wonder what size the next book will be...

This series is going to be a quartet, with the first three already released but I am sad to say that the fourth won't be released until 2018! Agh! I really want to read what happens next as the last book left after such a twist in the story! I read these books in a matter of days because of how addictive they were, I couldn't stop turning the page, constantly saying 'ah just another chapter!', desperate to see what happened next! I really hope the final book is as good as the rest of the series as I always think that the ending can either make it or break it.

Have you read any of these books?

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  1. I haven't read these books but they sound like my type of book, going to have to pick them up when I see them xx

    Sophie's Spot

    1. Oh yeah! Message me what you think if you do!


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