Rose Embroidered Mom Jeans

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Shops have been filled with embroidered clothing for a few months now, an attempt at brightening the darker winter months I am sure, and I hope it lasts. I spotted these on the Topshop website before Christmas and eyed them up for weeks but the price stopped me from clicking the checkout button. Finally, I decided I was going to just bite the bullet as I knew I would love them and would be worth every penny but, when I went to the website, the Topshop Gods were not on my side, decided to give me a slight heart attack as all but one size had sold out. And, of course, that was not my size,. I was so annoyed with myself! But as you can see in the photos, they came back in stock and I did not sit around waiting, buying them as soon as I could! 

The embroidery is so beautiful on these jeans, the bright contrast of the red and green against the black makes that statement but they are still great to wear during the day. If you read my How to Style Mom Jean's post, you will know how much I love wearing Mom jeans. I feel that they really shouldn't work but somehow they do, being stylish and creating a definite 'look' which I love. Because of the embroidery, they have a much tighter fit (attempting to tie my shoe laces has become quite entertaining for my friends!) so they have held their shape for a lot longer than my other Mom jeans.

So whilst the jeans are the star of the show, I just wanted to quickly mention the most loved jacket I have ever had. I had been dreaming of having a (faux) fur-lined jacket and my dreams were answered at Christmas. I wear this at every opportunity and it goes perfectly with these jeans. Whilst I am not quite ready to pull off a true double denim look, I think this works just as well.

Finally, I couldn't round off this post without mentioning my new hat. For some reason, I have been wearing hats quite often over the last few weeks and when I saw this one at work, I knew I had to have it. I am not the greatest lover of yellow, but in contrast to the light hat and the size of the bobble, I think it looks fab! The only sad thing was that it was surprisingly warm today and I couldn't wear it!

How do you like the embroidered look?

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  1. Those jeans are so cute, Kizzi! Adorable outfit!

  2. I like this outfit, looks nice on you xx

    Sophie's Spot

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you liked the outfit x

  3. This outfit is stunning- well done Topshop, killing the trends! Lydia Eve| x


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