15 Notebook Ideas

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Notebook Ideas, Kizzi May, Moleskine, Bullet Journal

Stationary is one of my favourite things to buy and usually the reason why a huge part of my money suddenly disappears every month... However if you are anything like me you have piles and piles of notebooks that just had to be bought but are now stacked up waiting to be used but have no idea what to do with them. Or they look so perfect you don't want to ruin them. 

Recently, when I really should have been revising, I started getting more creative with what I was doing and started to use some of my notebooks that have been taking up an entire drawer in my desk. I've put together 15 notebook ideas that I have either used or really want to start in the future.

Notebook Ideas, Kizzi May, Moleskine, Bullet Journal, Sketch Book

1. Sketch book - I used to draw a lot when I was younger but school art lesson completely put me off until just a few weeks ago and I have really enjoyed getting back into drawing every now and again.
2. Journal - I am not one for writing in a journal every day but if there is anything on my mind writing it down really helps to clear things up.
3. Travel Journal - I have been looking at people's travel journals on Pinterest and I can't wait to start one when I go away in the summer!

Notebook Ideas, Kizzi May, Moleskine, Bullet Journal

4. Bullet Journal - If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I started a bullet journal last summer but I failed to keep it going. I recently re started it a few months ago, taking more time with it and I now can't live without it!
5. Scrap Book - For those sentimental people who keep memorabilia from day trips, this is perfect for you as you can have one place to keep everything which is perfect to look back on.
6. Ideas Journal - Having one place to have all your ideas is great for organising them as seeing them down on paper can help visuals what you are trying to create.
7. Dream Journal - This can be either your dreams in life or the once when you sleep. Both are nice things to look back on to see what you were thinking about a few years ago and compare what your life is like now to what you thought it would be.

Notebook Ideas, Kizzi May, Moleskine, Bullet Journal, pinterest

8. Notes - A simple but great way to remeber things thoughout the day as I am so bad at remembering little things I need to know!
9. List Book - Another way too keep everything you need to do to keep organised in one place.
10.Photo Book - I recently started putting all my favourite photos from my summer holiday into one book so I can see my favourite bits from each holiday.
11. Book Journal - These three are for keeping track of your hobbies, another nice thing to look back on when your older or even a few weeks later when you can't remember what you read/watched/ listened to!
12. Movie Journal
13. Music Journal
14. Creative Writing Journal - Writing is something that I really want to make into a career so by writing more I am hoping to improve my vocabulary and ideas. Not only that it is another great way to get any thought out on paper without haveing to keep a journal. 
15. Blog Planner - If you are a blogger you can keep all your post ideas, statistics trackers and general future plans to help keep your blog growing and look back at how far you've come!

I would love to see what you use your notebooks for so post a photo on Instagram and tag me at @kizzimayblog and comment below any more ideas which I havev't mentioned as I am always in need for new ideas! 

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  1. I'm also a huge fan of stationary and notebooks, so I really loved this post.:) Love, Fanni (www.coffeewithcroissant.wordpress.com)

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading :)

  2. Ohh this is such a helpful post! I don't even know how many empty notebooks I have and I'm too embarrassed to count them 😂

    1. Exactly how I felt! So happy you found it helpful!


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