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Lauren Oliver wrote one of my favourite books Delirium so whenever I see a new book with her name on it, I always pick it up. During the summer I read one of her other books Panic which I have to admit I was dissapointed with as, although it was still an ok book, for me it wasn't as good as Delirium. It was one of those times when I bigged a book up so much in my head that it is pretty much impossible for it to live up to my expectations. So when I picked up Replica was more weary and I ended up enjoying it a whole lot more.

Replica is composed of two stories from two girls, Lyra and Gemma. Lyra is born a replica, a human clone, and raised to be observed at the Haven Institute. However, she manages to escape the institute and happens to meet Gemma. Gemma discovers some strange connections her father has to the Haven Institute which don't add up so decides to dig deeper into how and why he was involved. She decides to go to the institute which is when she meets Lyra. Together they start to uncover what Haven is really all about and who they really are.

The set up of this book is completely original and nothing like I have seen before. The first half is Lyra's story and then you flip the book to read Gemma's so the two stories meet in the middle. Once the novelty wore off I found that I wanted the books to be twice as long. I felt like I only had half the amount of time with each of the characters so I didn't get connect very much with either of them. But, on the plus side, now I really want to read the next book as soon as it is released to see more anout the characters.

One of my little pet hates is when the end of a book is so clearly designed to lead onto a series and sadly this was a prime example which adds to the whole unfinished feel of the book however it almost works her as there is so much to do with the storyline that I feel it would really have to have a follow-up book anyway. I did like this book and would recommend it to those who likes a bit of light YA science fiction book with a bit of romance running along side it.

I love hearing what you think so please comment below if you have decide to pick it up and let me know your thoughts!

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