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For a book and makeup lover, this has to be the perfect tag I could possibly do and new it would be soon appearing on my blog as soon as I saw it on A Clockwork Reader's youtube channel.

First things first... Primer: Name a book which gave you a lasting impression.

For me the first book which springs to mind was Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo, a story about a young boy who riding an elephant in Indonesia when the 2005 tsunami hits, causing the elephant to run taking the boy with him into the jungle. I read this when it was first published and remember thinking what a huge book it was but looking at it now it doesn't seem that big at all! For something to be classed as having a lasting impression I would say you have to still e thinking about it weeks, months after reading it and whilst I have a few of those which would have been perfect for this question, I am still thinking about this book years later so it really must have been a good one. It may be because of sentimental reasons but I also think that the story is so powerful you have to take a minute to process once you are finished reading.

Foundation: Your favorite first book in a series.

One of my favorite books is one I read whilst on holiday in Spain a few years ago and I got so excited to read the next book I couldn't wait until I got home so bought the rest on my Kindle. I now want to get the rest in paper back as I have become quite particular about how I like my books to be set out so it does frustrate me that I do not have all of them on my self! Delirium by Lauren Oliver has everything I look for in a book, especially a YA book. It has adventure, tension, romance, mystery and I do really like YA dystopias so it ticks that box too. As I said I was so excited when I finished this book and had to read the next which is exactly what you want in a series but it managed to do so without seeming like it was purposely set up for another book.

Powder: Your favorite last book in a series.

For this, I am going for a recent read for me and also a slight cheat as I think Victoria Avyard is planning to publish another book so it isn't technically the last in the series but I struggled to find one that stood out for this question. Kings Cage for me was a really good read and I couldn't put it down, pretty much the same with the entire series. I don't want to say too much about the plot of this book in case you haven't read the first two books already but have a book review on Red Queen which gives a plot summary so if that sounds like your kind of thing, give it a go and let me know what you think.

Eyebrows: A book everyone should read.

It had to be The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas for this as when I finished it, all I kept saying to everyone was how they should read it and almost forcing people to borrow it. I have a full review of it coming up in a few weeks so keep an eye out for that but as a very brief overview, The Hate U Give is about a black girl living in a rough area of America and she is the only witness to being shot and killed by a police officer. It delves into what her life is like, how she copes with the responsibilities which come with witnessing something so immoral and traumatic but also has the issues and challenges of being a teenager which makes the whole storyline so much more realistic. It really made me think about the society we live in and how horrendous it can be.

Eyeliner: A dark and mysterious book.

I finished this book only a few days ago and was completely rocked by the twists and turns in the story and the ending just left me looking at the page for a while in disbelief, wondering if that really was the end. Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier is filled with beautiful descriptions, intriguing plot and, shall we say, deceitful characters. I think it is best to go into this book knowing very little which is what I tried to do but it was slightly ruined before I read it so I am not going to do that and only give you a very basic plot. Rebecca is about a young girl who meets a handsome, older man whilst in France. Soon they are married and living in his mansion in England but she soon realises that the house is filled with reminders of his deceased wife, Rebecca.

Mascara: A very looking book.

I am sad to say that the longest book I own I have yet to actually finish yet. I got about 600 pages into the 864 paged book and had to put it to the side for a while. I do intend to finish it but with exams and school work I found it quite a struggle to keep on going, so much so that I was no longer enjoying it so instead of persevering and ruining a book I may like another time I am going to leave it until I can give it my full focus and just power read those last 200 pages. It just became quite a depressing to read with the main characters life going from worst to worse until I couldn't see how it was going to get any better. My gran also read this and absolutely loved it so hopefully, it does improve...

Lipstick: A book with you favorite kiss.

As a bit of a romantic, you will often find me desperate for two characters to work things out and for there to be a good ol' romantic smooch but the most recent book I can think of is in Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda. I loved the characters in the book so much and loved how Simon and Blues relationship grew throughout the book. It has to be one of the most built up romanced I have read and I loved it. This book, in general, it just such a lovely read if you are wanting a bit of a pick-me-up as I am sure I was smiling throughout the entire book which I marathon read in less than 24 hours.

And there you have my make up books! I have really enjoyed looking back at some old reads which I now feel like re-reading as I'm a bit rusty on the details. If you fancy having a go at this tag please tag me or comment below your link as I would be very interested to see what everyone's picks would be!

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  1. This is such a cool tag! Would you be okay with me if I (maybe) did it? x Loved getting to know more about your reads x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. Absoloutly! Let me know when you post it as I would love to take a read! I am so happy that you liked it xx

  2. Oh yes I totally agree with your Simon Vs and THUG picks!!! They are so beautiful and well done and just ahhhhh. So many feels!


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