Bullet Journal October Set Up

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How is it October already? With school starting and life going back to it's usual routine, it feels as though September has been and gone in a heartbeat. But that means is that it's Halloween time! It means it's far enough away from summer that I am no longer disappointed that it is over for another year, the leaves are turning, it is the month of big jumpers, warm colours and I am so excited for it to begin! 

Obviously, I had to go with a theme of orange, pumpkins and falling leaves for this months layout.

I like to see a full layout of the month just so I can see a general overview of everything, any key dates for school, when I am working etc. as I have a very bad memory and no doubt would forget to turn up if I didn't keep reminding myself! 

I use the second page as a place to jot down notes about next month in the 'Future log' as often dates come up for the next month and I haven't made a planner for it yet but I need to remember them. I like to use the 'Notes' section for anything I need to do for that month that I need to organise or generally need to work on throughout the month. The last section on 'Goals' is a new thing for this month and I am not sure how it is going to pan out but we will see...

My 'Habit Tracker' is something that I have been doing for a few months now. While I do sometimes forget about it so there are a few blanks here and there, all in all, I really love it when it all gets filled in ( and is all colourfull) and I can see what I really need to improve on next month.

I added the water tracker in an attempt to get me to start drinking as I am so bad at remembering and often go until the end of the day before I remember. This way I actually remember and make an effort to drink more - if only just to fill an extra square! 

Expenses... It seems that these pages fill up wayyyy too quickly to my liking but somehow it happens every month Curious isn't it? And I really do not know how, anyone else have this problem? I just spent a small fortune on some books (which is totally acceptable) so I am going to have to be more strict with myself in what I spend for the next 30 days but ah well!

I normally just do my weekly layout week by week just because I change my mind on what I want in a layout quite often. I prefer going for a simplistic look as when life gets busy, it's best for everything else to be very clear.  When I set up the week, I first put in all the dates that I have from my monthly layout and then I add in any extras I need to do like homework, blogging or other bits and bobs that weren't on the main calendar.

So there is my plan for the month of October. I hope this helped or gave you some ideas for this month! Happy October everyone!

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  1. This is the cutest bullet journal and post! I can't believe September has already passed us by xo


    1. Scary but exciting too! Glad you liked the post!


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