We Were Liars | E. Lockhart

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Cadence Sinclair is heiress to the Sinclair family homes, their private island, their expectations. Her memories are of idyllic summers spent by the sea with her cousins Johnny and Mirren - and Gat. Gat who is beautiful and bold and the bringer of roses. But Cadence is broken, her memories are fractured and her life is punctuated by blinding, skull-crushing headaches. Cadence knows in her heart of hearts that something is wrong. Maybe this summer she will find out exactly what. 

We are liars
We are beautiful and privileged 
We are cracked and broken
A tale of love and romance
A tale of tragedy

When I finished We Were Liars, my first thought was "What just happened?" After turning that last page, I was left feeling shocked, intrigued, tearful (okay I sobbed for a good half hour...) and all in all completely confused by what I just read. As I made the mistake of finishing this book just as I was about to go to bed, I ended up staying awake thinking about different aspects of the book which I missed and a genera whirl-wind of thoughts, making me completely useless at work the next morning. So you have been warned, make sure you finish this book when you will not be in contact with other humans for at least 24 hours...

That being said, you have to read it! Admittedly, when I first finished I didn't get that initially wow that was so amazing as I was too shocked to really think much at all, it was more gradual as I realised how incredible it was, and consequently how incredible E. Lockhart's mind must be. I started this last Saturday morning and finished it that same evening, I was so gripped with the story and how it was all unfolding, especially when that plot twist is revealed. I really don't want to have any spoilers as I think that this is definitely a book that you need to go into knowing next to none about, but I was so impressed with how, looking back, the way in which it was written, completely makes sense and adds to the whole story. Ok, enough said I think. 

If you're not already intrigued by the synopsis and my amazement for this book, have a look at this cover which should make you want it all on its own. I saw this in Waterstones and my eyes lit up and whilst I initially was very good and left without buying it, but then went back the next day, bought it plus two others. But it was worth it. I believe this is a Waterstones exclusive and includes a note from E. Lockhart, notes and poems from Gat, an original hand-drawn map of the island and the Sinclair family tree plus a few other bits and bobs on the writing of the novel. I love these little things and whenever I finish a book, I always want to find out more about the characters, especially if I like and am interesting in the characters, as I definitely was here. 

My one criticism I felt whilst reading and after, was that it could be longer which isn't too bad I don't think! At 225 pages I just felt that I wanted more background to the character especially as it jumped from the past to present quite a lot. When books do this, I always find I want them a bit longer so I have more in each of the different times. 

It's clear to say I thought that We Were Liars was an incredible book and a must read if you are into trippy, clever, mysterious contemporaries, and I gave it 4/5 stars on Goodreads. If you are thinking about giving it ago, or already have, let me know what you think down below. I always want to know what other people think about the books I read, but especially with this as it was so weird and confusing! Happy Friday! 

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  1. We were liars is one of my favourite books and can I just say that the cover of your copy is stunning! x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. You most definitely can say so! It is taking pride of place on my shelf now :)

  2. I felt exactly the same about this book when I read it! I devoured it in one sitting when I was on holiday and I do wish the characters where developed more, which I think could have been easily achieved if it was longer. It was an incredible book though (I love this cover of it as well) x


    1. I've felt the same about the characters with a few YA books recently but I think it is still such an interesting plot! It's perfect for when you have a day where you can just sit and read read read until you finish it all!


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