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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
Published by Macmillan, 2013
Genre: Young-adult, Contemporary
Pages: 549
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

I am way behind reading Fangirl, I know, but I finally got my act together, ordered it, and then preceded to power through it. Even though this has been everywhere for years, I actually knew very little about it when I picked it up as I never looked into it much. But, I did have a hunch it was about a fanfiction writer... I know I am such a detective.

If you are like me and have been living under a rock and have no idea what Fangirl is about apart from the obvious, here is a little synopsis for you. Cath and Wren are twins, built in best friends. But when they both head off to college, Wren decides to she wants to spread her wings and live the wild college life with a new roommate. Cath, however, is more anxious about this new adventure and her rather blunt roommate and her maybe, maybe not boyfriend. Instead of partying, she prefers to stick to her room and write her fan fiction for Simon Snow, a made up series which I think is based on Harry Potter.

Rainbow Rowell has also brought out her own version on some of Caths fanfiction, Carry On, which is so cool! There are extracts throughout Fangirl from both the Simon Snow series and Cath's own fanfiction but I have to admit I skipped some of them. I know it's bad. I normally don't skip any bits in books but I found these to be slightly boring compared to the rest of the book and I just wanted to find out what happened next to Cath. But I would really not recommend doing this. When I got to the end I felt cheated out of an ending as it finished on an extract from Simon Snow which didn't make much sense to me and would probably make much more of an impact if I had read it properly. 

I loved Cath. For someone who obviously loves books and can get quite geeky about my favourite series, (I am sure my friends are sick of me trying to force books upon them,) I completely loved her geeky side and her refusal to give up on it, even though it might not be deemed cool. I've never really read any fanfiction but I am always upset when my favourite series ends and I no longer get updates on my favourite character, how they are, what they're doing (does anyone else gets possibly too connected to characters? Or just me...) so maybe fanfiction is the way to go?

Of course, there was a bit of romance throughout the book which I thought was really lovely how it grew throughout the book. There was a moment when something happened (I am really trying not to spoil anything!) with the guy (I'm not going to say who it is either!) which really made me severely dislike him for a while and I felt so bad for Cath, I just wanted to give her a big hug!

Cath's family is a big part of her life. Her mum left when she and her sister were young, leaving them to be brought up by their dad who loves them but couldn't always care for them as he struggles with mental health. So not only is Cath dealing with trying to settle into university, her classes, and for the first time being without her sister, she also has to worry about her father being left on his own. Cath is so strong to cope with everything going on and all the added pressures she puts on herself. But her development as a character is fab as she grows to learn that these added pressures aren't always as important as she makes them, somthing I need to take into account from time to time too!

I am very glad that I finally got on the Fangirl train and I am really excited to try some more Rainbow Rowell books. Which one would you recommend next? 

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  1. I enjoyed Fangirl but I think Elenor and Park is my favourite book by Rainbow Rowell! It's absolutely gorgeous xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. I few people mentioned that on Instagram so I wil definitely have to give that ago!


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