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One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus

Published by Penguin, 2017
Genre: Young-adult Contemporary/ Mystery 
Pages: 358
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

What would you do if someone was poisoned during detention? And then you were accused of their murder...

One of Us is Lying begins with 5 kids heading to detention, all there for somthing they didn't do.But when Simon, the outsider who runs the school gossip app, drops down dying from an allergic reaction, they begin to take notice. Addy is your typical popular school girl with the perfect boyfriend, on the outside anyway. Cooper is the typical action man look-a-like, baseball player destined to be a star, but even he has his secrets. Brooklyn gets perfect scores on every test and plans to follow to footsteps of her parents at Yale University. And then Nate, the bad boy who is rumoured to already be on probation and a known drug dealer. Who would blame?

I have to admit, I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. I would say it was a cross between Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and The Breakfast Club so it is a little cheesy with its classic high school tropes, but it's a really fun YA mystery to read and I really got into it and enjoyed it! Despite it sounding like a heavy plot line it managed to be quite a light read that was perfect for when I read it.

It is told through switching perspectives from each of the four accused of murdering Simon and what I really liked is the doubt placed on each one. Maybe because I am in the middle of my English Literature coursework so I am probably completely over analysing it, but Karen Mcmanus slips in these one line that makes you doubt whether or not the narrator is telling you the whole story. When reading somthing in the first person, it's too easy to assume they are telling you everything that happened and we tend to trust them without even realising it. I liked how Mcmanus played on this instead of just focusing on one character so we just had to start doubting all the others.

For me, it wasn't wholly unpredictable as I did guess most of the main big plot points and twists before they happened, but I don't really mind that too much. I didn't go in expecting a bind blowing mystery that would have me guessing all the way through. This was more about the character development and general friendships in high school, both the fake ones and the real ones that show themselves when you need them to and family pressures and relationships.

For me, it was the perfect break away from heavy work and I really loved reading it, getting to know the characters see them all develop throughout the story! Also, how beautiful are these sprayed pages? I only have a few other books like this and I love it!

Have you read One of Us is Lying? What did you think?

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