A Bookish Overview of 2017

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2017 has absolutely flown by and I cannot believe that we are getting ready to welcome the new year already. It has been such an important year for me and I have had some of the best experiences of my life (so far) in these past 365 days. 

I went on my first solo travel trip to Sri Lanka for four weeks during the summer and had the most amazing time - I would recommend everyone take a trip out there and try somthing on their own. It was slightly daunting to start, but I made some of the nicest people, some of whom have become close friends now, and halfway through the first week I was having too much fun to feel scared any longer. It was an amazing way for me to feel some independence and freedom, as well as to broaden my outlook on life by experiencing a new culture that is is so polar to our western life. 

I also decided, after coming back from my trip that I would make the full change of Kizzi May into a book blog! It has been the best decision as I can now blog about what I truly love, with the odd random post of different things that are going on in life to change it up a little. I have really loved being apart of the book community, especially on Instagram where everyone is so lovely and welcoming. I have managed to slowly but surely increase my following on Instagram, and am posting every day (with the odd one missed now and then!) and I am so happy with my progress as it has been a real focus of mine these last few months. I also really love taking the photos, planing it all out and its become a small hobby - if Instagram posting can be a hobby?

And so onto my bookish overview of the year... 

This is where my geeky side is really shown as I have made some charts on excel to visually see my reading year so I hope you enjoy! 

I have read a total of 41 books which is 9 short of my Goodreads challenge. I am disappointed that I didn't make my goal of 50 but I had a very busy year and important year with school so I had a very slow start to the reading year and an even slower middle to the year but in the last three months I have managed to pull it back. So overall I am actually happy with what I got. I think I was maybe slightly over ambitious with what I could achieve with everything else I had planned for this year. 

It is pretty clear to see that my most read genre is fantasy. Apart from Harry Potter, before this year I hadn't really read much of fantasy and it wasn't until I started watching a lot more booktube that I became interested in the genre but I have definitely become a firm fan! My first read was the Red Queen series which I read right back in January and I fell in love with it. A lot of people say it's similar to everything else they've read but I suppose as it was my first dip into the genre, I could fully enjoy it!

My second most read is contemporary. I have always read contemporary as they tend to be such easy reads and mostly light a fluffy which is just what I want to read if I am feeling a little stressed and want a break from school work. Which means I have been reading them quite a lot recently... My favourite new author that I have found this year has to be Beck Albertalli. I love both her books and I am sure you have heard me say this many times if you have read my recent posts, but Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda was one of my all-time favourite reads of this year and I cannot wait for her new releases in 2018.

If you have been on my Instagram page at all, you will have noticed that I often post about my beautiful classics which have to be some of my favourites. I don't tend to blog about them as fewer people are interested (but if you are let me know what kind of posts you would like to read about!). But I do love a good classic. A few of these I had to read for school, like Wuthering Heights, Frankenstein, but some others that I really loved was North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell and a modern classic was Rebecca.

Another thing I noticed was that I haven't read a single non-fiction book this year. I have flicked through a few but I haven't sat down and read, cover to cover, anything that wasn't completely made up. So I will definitely have to change that next year! I did manage to get a good amount of both adult fiction and young adult fiction which is good. I expected to have read more YA as they tend to be easier to get through so I can marathon them a lot more easily!

And I have read some very good fiction books this year! I am quite picky about my star rating and it has to be a phenomenal read in order to get 5 stars but I managed to read 4 which is pretty good!
My four 5-star reads of the year were: 

Amazing books. I won't list all 18 of my 4-star reads, but here are my top six 4-star reads of the year:

These aren't in any order as that would just be too difficult! It's hard enough just choosing a few!

And so that is pretty much my year in books in a post for you! I love looking back at the year and this post is probably more interesting to me than to you but I hope you did enjoy it! How was your year? 

I also found on my Goodreads, my year in books where they have rounded up some facts about my reading year which was pretty cool so here are some of those to finish off"

Pages read: 16 430
Shortest book: Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote (157 pages)
Longest book: Empire of Storms by Sarah J Mass (693 pages)
Most Popular book on Goodreads: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee ( 4 592 901 reads)
Least Popular book on Goodreads: A Shiver if Snow and Sky by Lisa Lueddecke (276 reads)
Most Popular book on Good reads: Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo (4.62 avg.)

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