Children of Bood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi | Book Review

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Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Published by Macmillan 
Genre: Young adult fantasy
Pages: 525
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

As one of my most anticipated book releases of 2018 (which you can read here), I was very excited to see this (with these amazing sprayed end pages!) in my local store and pick up a copy. And whilst I should have been revising for my A-levels, I couldn't wait to start reading and devoured it in a few sittings. We all need a break sometimes...

This is an absolutely gam packed fantasy book, with the plot continually moving and left me wondering how Tomi Adeyemi managed to fit everything that just happened into only 525 pages (which does seem like a lot for YA but you speed through it with so much happening!) If you like fast-paced books, this is definitely one for you. There were some points which I felt would have benefited if the pace had slowed down a bit so I could have read more about the place or had more of a story there with the characters, but I wouldn't say that would be a big issue for most people. 

There are some very badass female characters in this book which I loved to read about and read from their point of view. I loved how ZΓ©lie (which is my new favourite name by the way) went into everything she did with all her heart, normally not thinking of the consequences and ending up worse off than she was two minutes ago. But she does what she thinks is right despite herself getting hurt. She rallies back so many times and her strength is more than just physical. 

One thing I did notice was that there weren't really any strong male characters, at least not on par with the female. For me, they just tended to do as they were told and just didn't have the umph I felt for the girls. I debated on whether or not I liked Inan throughout the entire novel and I think I decided on no as he just never came through like I wanted him to, and being the stubborn person I am, it annoyed me. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing as when characters don't do what you want or expect, it makes for a much more interesting read in my opinion. There was a male character introduced at the end of the novel which I am very interested in reading more about in the next book (so hopefully he willll be be in it...)

I also loved the magic system as I thought was unique, interesting read about and I don't think I have read anything similar to it before. I took the quiz on which clan I would be (which you can take here) and apparently I am a reaper, the maji of life and death. Not sure how I feel about that but it's the same as Zelie so that must be a good thing! 

This is a book of adventure, friendship, family and magic and one I would thoroughly recommend you read if you at all like fantasy. Tomi Adeyemi is an amazing writer that gets you completely immersed in her world and you never want to stop reading. I am now utterly desperate for her next instalment which better come around quickly!

Also... just to those who have read it already, what did you think of the ending? I would love to know your thoughts as, being entirely honest, I think I need to re-read it as I am not entirely sure what actually happened! 

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