10 Things I Learnt From Writing My First 10 000 Words

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I am attempting to write my first book! To write my own book is a dream and whilst I have no idea if it will ever get published or if anyone apart from myself will ever read it, I thought I would share bits of my journey on here. Hopefully, it is useful to some people out there who are thinking of writing a book and have the same thoughts as I do, (as I am sure someone out there is doubting as much as I have), but also so I can look back at it and see how far I've come, or not come.

Here are some of my thoughts that I had as I was writing the first 10 000 of my first draft. It was difficult and I haven't had much time as I would like to work on it but hopefully, once I get in a routing, I'll have an update for you for the next 10 000 words!


1. Tenses are hard - I don't know if this is just me over thinking it, but I changed which tense I wanted to use multiple times throughout the first two chapters.

2. Dialogue is hard - how to writers write it without it feeling fake? Also how to lay it out takes a lot more thinking time than I thought it would have.

3. I should have probably planned more. A lot more. 

4. I'm not very patient... I want to get to the middle bit of the writing and get all the character building and interesting stuff down but it takes a looooong time to get there.

5. I work really well with word sprints - the NaNoWriMo timer is what I use and I am able to write quite a lot when I use it! Not that much of it is good but at least it's down on paper.

6. I am going to have to do a lot of drafts - there are so many layers to writing there is no way I am going to be able to get everything I want in on the first go. And most likely things will change slightly as I go and my ideas expand.

7. Creating interesting and fun characters is difficult - I have so many ideas on how I want my characters to come across but it's much harder write it down on paper than it is just to think it! But, the more I write the more real they are becoming.

8. Writing is hard.

9. Like, very hard.

10. But I can keep going - a few times I wanted to stop thinking that this idea wasn't any good anymore or if it was, I couldn't do it justice but I kept going and will continue to keep going until I at least have a finished draft. I want to prove to myself I can do it, and so I will! 


Is anyone else writing a book? How is it going? 

I know these seem a bit negative, but it was a lot of realisation and a bit of a reality check, but now that I have had that check, it's onwards and upwards to, hopefully, creating some pretty amazing character and a plot to match! 


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  1. I wrote a book or two years ago, like 4-6 years ago, and I remember that I would relate to pretty much all the points you've written down. Good luck with your book!

    Sophie | www.sophiesspot.co.uk

    1. haha glad I'm not the only one! Thank you for reading!


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